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Green Teas

green teas

Chun Mee "Precious Eyebrow" Organic

Chun Mee Green Tea has a wonderful distinctive sweet plum-like flavor that steeps light and mellow.
Dragon Well "Lung Ching"

Our first grade Dragon Well has refreshingly smooth, sweet chestnut flavor and full body, fresh aroma and beautiful jade-green color usually found in significantly more expensive grades. Rich in vitamin C, great chilled.
Jade Peaks Organic

Organic Jade Peaks has a mellow refreshing character that imparts a smooth mouth feel, mild astringency and an aroma of sweetly toasted chestnut and bluegrass.
Kukicha Organic

A popular Japanese tea, our Organic Kukicha Tea is made from small tender stems of the tea bush and green tea leaves that have been harvested in early spring and deeply steamed. Naturally Low in caffeine, yields a smooth, delicate and a rich nutty aroma and flavor. Kukicha has a higher content of theanine amino acid, which is know to calm the nerves.
Gunpowder Organic

The tea leaves are specially selected for quality, size and style. They are then rolled into tight small pellets. This gunpowder produces a reasonably strong dark-green brew with a memorable fragrance, with a long lasting finish.
Sencha Green Tea

Sencha is a refreshing steamed green tea known for its sweet grassy notes, savory crisp flavor and emerald green infusion. Sencha teas have a higher amounts of chlorophyll, vitamins and other health benefits.
Houjicha Roasted Green Tea

Bancha green tea stems and leaf are roasted to give a nutty aroma. A good nighttime tea.

glass teapot

42oz Glass Teapot

$35.00 :

honey spoon

Honey Spoon

$3.29 :

tea filter

Sun and Moon Tea Infuser

$7.59 :

Loose Leaf Green Tea

Chun Mee Green Tea
Dragon Well
Jade Peaks
Gunpowder Green Tea
Sencha Traditional

specialty tea

Tea Types...

All tea comes from the Camellia sinensis bush, a warm-weather evergreen, which in the wild can grow 90 feet and higher. In the past, in some countries, monkeys were trained to pick the tea leaves and toss them to the ground. Today the Camellia Sinensis bush is grown as an important plantation crop and is kept to a height of three feet for easy cultivation. Fresh leaves of the tea plant are processed and their level of contact with oxygen determine resulting types of tea. The oxidation process is also known as fermentation. During oxidation, tea leaves undergo natural chemical reactions that result in distinctive color and taste characteristics.

Over 3000 varieties of tea are available and depending on the time of day and personal preferences, there is a blend to suit everyone's taste.

Green tea is generally thought to contain less caffeine per cup than black tea, this is only true if it is brewed in the traditional green tea (170°F to 180°F) method because more caffeine is released with higher water temperature ( black tea 200°F and 212°F). Since green and black tea come from the same plant - Camellia sinensis, the amounts of caffeine levels are virtually the same. But some say, the more oxidized (or fermented ) the tea, the more caffeine it contains.

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