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Oolong Teas

Fancy Formosa Oolong Organic Tea

This Fancy Formosa Oolong has a nice, pale amber cup color and a full, smooth, fruity-sweet flavor with toasty notes. Its quality is superior to many other "higher rated" and more expensive varieties.
Wuyi Oolong Organic Tea.

This wild crafterd tea has a smooth and rich body with a classical roasted aroma and sweet finish, its flavor is quite unique with sweet notes of raisin sugar, honeysuckle and roasted barley. Organic Wuyi Oolong is great with any meal and has very little astringency. The profile is that of a darker oolong..
Fine Ti Kuan Yin

Surpassing the quality of the most commonly available Ti Kuan Yins. Its golden-yellow liquor is fragrant, smooth, carries the sought -after orchid-like flavor and a refreshing, fruity aroma.
Phoenix #1 Oolong

Phoenix Oolong has a light ''airy'' character with delicate orchid-like notes and sweet nectar flavor. This particular grade is sweet with a fragrant finish and has no bitter notes. Good for multiple infusions
Orange Blossom Oolong

A medium-oxidized China oolong tea blended with orange pieces and natural orange flavors has an invigorating flavor and aroma


Loose Tea Brewing Basket

Loose Tea Brewing Basket

$9.99 :
oolong teas

Oolong Tea

Formosa Oolong Tea
Wuyi Oolong Tea
Fine Ti Kuan Yin
Phoenix #1
Orange Oolong Tea

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