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Specialty Tea Shop

Tea Accessories

black tea

Loose Tea Brewing Basket

Loose Tea Brewing Basket

$9.99 :

glass teapot

42oz Glass Teapot

$35.00 :

papper tea filter

100-S 2 Cups Paper Tea Filters

$4.99 :

tea filter

Sun and Moon Tea Infuser

$7.59 :

glass water kettle

60oz. Glass Water Kettle

$35.00 :

heart tea infuser

2" Heart Shaped - Tea Infuser

$3.99 :

honey spoon

Honey Spoon

$3.29 :

one cup tea maker

14oz Glass Mug S/S Tea Infuser


papper tea filter

100 LARGE Tea Filters

$4.99 :

tea scoop

My Favorite Scoop


perfect tea scoop

1 Cup of Perfect Tea

$3.99 :

tea spoon

2" SINGLE Mesh Tea Spoon


tea timer

Tea Timer 1-3-5 minute

$16.00 :


2" SINGLE Mesh Tea Ball


tea balls

2.5" SINGLE Mesh Tea Ball


mesh tea infuser

3" SINGLE Mesh Tea Ball


tea bag sqeezer

Small Tea Bag Squeezer

$2.99 :

specialty tea

Tea Accessories

Glass Teapots
Tea Brewing Filters
Mesh Tea Balls
Mesh Tea Spoon Infuser
Paper Tea Infusers
Tea Warmers
Tea Timers
Tea Bag Squeezers
Tea Scoops & Honey Spoons

Loose Tea
Tea Bags
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