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Black Teas

loose leaf black tea

Ceylon Single Estate

FBOP (Fine broken Orange Pekoe) A top Ceylon tea estate from Nuwara Eliya district. Cup is tending light with an excellent flavor.
Lover's Leap Orange Pekoe

Medium body, flavorful cup with piquant Ceylon character. Best in the morning or after dinner.
Darjeeling Estate 2nd Flush

TGFOP1 - (Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe) Darjeeling is the champagne of teas. Excellent Darjeeling. Reasonably full bodied with a lovely muscatel character. This tea is perfect for afternoon tea parities.
All-Day Darjeeling Organic

A smooth everyday, all-day organic Darjeeling with elegant fruity muscatel notes. A bio-dynamically grown First Flush Darjeeling with beautiful, tippy leaf, fresh aroma, smooth, sweet and refreshing tea.
Golden Assam TGFOP-1

Golden Assam Tea is sweet, malty, full bodied liquor that is winey and complex. It is a self-drinker and has enough flavor and character to hold its own, even with milk and sugar.
Assam Black Tea Organic

CTC (Cut Torn Curled) A fast steeping tea. This tea is a classic top quality Assam Tea and is the most popular grade of tea in India. Very full bodied and tending 'juicy'. Quite often milk is used to tone down the strength of the tea since milk gives the tea a smoothness that is very pleasant and highlights the malty notes. Makes a great Iced Tea (without milk).
Golden Monkey

This tea from the Chinese Fujian Province has an extraordinary sweet, chocolate fragrance. The liquor has a soft, rich sweetness without any astringency and leaves a wonderful, lasting aftertaste. Golden Monkey tea is hand-processed each spring with a careful plucking of only one leaf and one bud. The leaves are curly, wiry and well twisted with a high percentage of tip evident. 'Tip' is the tip of the new shoots and during the manufacturing process these tips turn a gold brown.
Keemun 1 Organic

Keemun China Tea is a winey and fruity tea with depth and complexity. Compared to a burgundy wine. Aromatic and penetrating without being lush or floral. Of all the China teas available Keemun is probably one of the best known. traditionally Keemun's were known as the classic English breakfast tea. Keemun is one the best-keeping black teas.
Keemun Hao Ya A

One of the most important black teas from China, Keemun comes from the town of Qi Men in the Anhui province. This region was originally a green tea producing region until the black tea process was introduced to the region of Qi Men in the 19th Century. It was at that time that the famous Keemun black tea was invented. Its rich flavored and deep burgundy colored infusion has a well pronounced aroma and flavor which suggests roasted sugar cane, cacao, port wine.
Imperial Yunnan

Imperial Yunnan China Black Tea - FOP ( Flowery Orange Pekoe ) Full bodied tea, robust with a chocolaty aftertaste. Grown in the Yunnan district in China, long considered one of the finest varieties on the globe, versatile and cherished. Referred to as one of the 'noble' teas. Superb with a hearty breakfast, while collecting one's thoughts, or in the afternoon when one is just quietly thinking. Will tolerate a drop of milk.
specialty tea

Loose Leaf Black Tea

Ceylon Single Estate
Lover's Leap Orange Pekoe
Darjeeling 2nd Flush
All Day Darjeeling
Golden Assam
Assam Black Tea
Golden Monkey
Keemun Panda
Keemun Hao Ya A
Yunnan Imperial

black tea

Tea Types...

All tea comes from the Camellia sinensis bush, a warm-weather evergreen, which in the wild can grow 90 feet and higher. In the past, in some countries, monkeys were trained to pick the tea leaves and toss them to the ground. Today the Camellia Sinensis bush is grown as an important plantation crop and is kept to a height of three feet for easy cultivation. Fresh leaves of the tea plant are processed and their level of contact with oxygen determine resulting types of tea. The oxidation process is also known as fermentation. During oxidation, tea leaves undergo natural chemical reactions that result in distinctive color and taste characteristics.

Over 3000 varieties of tea are available and depending on the time of day and personal preferences, there is a blend to suit everyone's taste.

Orange Pekoe Tea is grade. Interestingly, the term Orange Pekoe has little to do with quality as it is a size grading term. Orange Pekoe in true tea jargon stands for whole leaf. When you pour boiling water on this tea you will see how the leaf uncurls and expands quite dramatically, a process called the agony of the leaf.

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