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Jasmine Teas

jasmine green tea

jasmine tea
Jasmine Tea YIN HOA Organic

Organic jasmine green tea is blended with fresh organic jasmine blossoms in a traditional scenting process. The green tea absorbs the natural essence from fresh jasmine blossoms and imparts a sweet and soothing fragrance. Sweet-full bodied with a fresh aroma.
Jasmine Tea #24 First Grade

In the traditional production method, layers of sweet smelling jasmine blossom are spread between layers of tea in wooden chests to let the delicate flower scent penetrate the leaves. Some of the petals can then be used to decorate the tea. In China, Jasmine teas are often served with flavorful meals.
ginger peach rooibos
Organic Jasmine Dragon Pearl Tea

The most tender tea shoots are hand-rolled into small pearls and then reserved until the jasmine blossoms are at their peak. The fragrant blossoms are picked and mixed with the green tea. The tea absorbs the fragrant essence of the fresh jasmine, making the pearls sweet and aromatic.
ginger peach rooibos
Jasmine Tea Springs

Jasmine Tea Springs has been scented five times with fresh jasmine blossoms. The green tea leaves are placed in gauze, steamed, gently pressed into the shape of a wheel/wafer, and then fire-dried to preserve the freshness. When brewed, the sweet-tasting green tea releases the aroma of jasmine flowers.
jasmine white tea
Organic Supreme Jasmine
Silver Needle Tea

This Jasmine teas is made according to a 900 year old artisan technique using only real jasmine flowers, high quality silver neede white tea and traditional skill. No flavors or perfumes are used to make any of our naturally aromatic jasmine teas. Our Jasmine white tea has a smooth mouth filling body devoid of astringency. The sweet finishing and rich flavored infusion fills a room with the distinct aroma of fresh jasmine.
Jasmine Pu erh Tuo Cha

Pu-erh tea in small bird's nest shaped with jasmine. Each Tuo Cha is individually wrapped and perfect for a single serving. Simply unwrap rinse and steep.

Jasmine flavored pu erh has wonderful aroma and mellow in taste
blue sky in the morning
Blue Sky In The Morning

A well blended tea with a superb fruity-citrus taste, floral notes, and a breathtaking aroma. Black Tea and Green Teas blended with Natural Bergamot Essence, Lemongrass, Jasmine, and Lavender.
jasmine tea

Jasmine Tea

Jasmine Yin Hoa
Jasmine Dragon Pearl
Jasmine Tea #24
Jasmine Tea Springs
Jasmine Silver Needle White Tea
Jasmine Puerh

Blue Sky In The Morning

jasmine white tea

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